Qatar European Trading & Contracting Center W.L.L

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   About the group

  Al-Shaikh Nayef Bin Sultan Al-Thani Group


   Trade and Contracting

  Qatari European Centre for Trade & Contracting


   Steel Trading

  (An agent and distributor) for the Qatar Steel


   Falcon Mix

  Falcon Mix for concrete products


   Asia for urban development

  Asia for urban development


    Nakliyat for transportations

   A large fleet of trucks.


    Eagle for Global Commerce

   Trade in electronic devices & exhibitions


   Qatar Beekeeping Center

  Beekeeping, and the best types of honey

   Bringing Labor

   Qatari European Center for bringing labor


   Oil and Gas

   Qatari European Center for oil and gas


    Rayyan ready-mix

   Mix Ready Mix Concrete & concrete products.



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Al-Shaikh Nayef Bin Sultan Al-Thani Group W.L.L


It started working through the establishment of a company for construction, building materials, ready-mixed, and concrete in its early stages. Unlike other companies, it established as a large and well-known company because it came bearing long experience. and it drew its strength from the experience and understanding of officials and their superior in the administrative and technical support.


Since the establishment of this company in 1994, it topped the list of national companies by its extensive experience and reputation in the field of general construction. Because of its deeply rooted origin in the depths of the work and projects from the early middle of last century, its achievements became the witness to the accuracy, art and its authenticity and originality which enabled the company to build record and strong images of construction progress and special relationship with entrepreneurs.


The service process undertaken by the company, dedication in its work and excellence and honesty in the transaction, the growth of trust between the company and the employers, and its experienced teams of technical staff, managers, and skilled workers, have helped to support the construction sector in the Arab world and at all levels.


The company contributions in the areas of construction materials of all kinds make it one of the largest suppliers of cement to many countries around the world to contribute to the renaissance of the country on all levels. The company has under its umbrella, the so-called work factories, where they are through the group completion of all forms of business under the umbrella of one of the the provision of materials processing, planning and implementation.  The company has group of companies that can be summarized in the following context.






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